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States of the USA:
Flag of Pennsylvania

Table of contents

Introduction into Pennsylvania State

Pennsylvania is the 33rd largest state in the United States and the bounds of the state are in the Mason – Dixon Line (39° 43' N) to the south, the Delaware River to the east, 80° 31' W to the west, and the 42° N to the north, with the exception of a short segment on the western end, where a triangle extends north to Lake Erie. Pennsylvania borders six other states: New York to the north; New Jersey to the east; Delaware and Maryland to the southeast; West Virginia to the southwest and Ohio to the west. Pennsylvania also shares a water border with Canada.

The biggest cities in Pennsylvania are the industrial city of Pittsburg and the first capital of the Unites States, Philadelphia. Philadelphia is also home to where the Constitution of the United States was signed after the Revolutionary War against Britain in the 18th century. There are many things to do and see in Pennsylvania and it’s a must for any visitor to the U.S. For more information on Pennsylvania go to



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