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Flag of Hawaii

Table of contents

Intro into Hawaii

The island group of Hawaii lies over 3800 km off the mainland of the US and it consists of eight islands, which seven are inhabited and six are regularly visited by visitors from around the world.

Hawaii is the biggest island in the group, but Oahu contains the capital of Honolulu and is the most commercialised of the islands. Oahu has two diagonal mountain ranges (the Waianae and Koolau), with many beautiful waterfalls. The island of Hawaii is cloaked in macadamia orchards and coffee plantations, which is one of the islands biggest industries.

The biggest industry in Hawaii is tourism, which brings billions of dollars into the local economy annually. Most people come for its golden white beaches, beautiful rainforests and spectacular waterfalls. Another popular attraction with visitors is doing a cruise around the islands, which gives you perspective on this island group and the variety of landscape and ocean life you will see. Click here for the best prices on Hawaiian cruises.




Underground Imports
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