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British Columbia

Provinces of Canada:
Flag of British Columbia

Table of contents

Intro into British Columbia

British Columbia is Canada’s westernmost province and one of North America’s most mountainous areas. Given its location, British Columbia is a gateway to the Pacific and Asia, which in turn Vancouver has the largest dry cargo port in North America.

British Columbia’s climate is mild around the costal regions, which receives an abundant of precipitation – from 130 to 380 cm of rain per year.  The interior of BC has more of a continental climate and other parts of the province can be desert – like, with hot summers followed by very cold winters.

British Columbia’s capital city, Vancouver and the world renowned ski resort of Whistler/Blackcomb played host to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, which was a spectacular event for the province and country. For more information on British Columbia go to


Vancouver Island

The largest Island off the West Coast it’s known as Canada’s Paradise on the Pacific, Vancouver Island, including Victoria and the tranquil Gulf Islands that dot the waterway between here and our mainland, is a vacation destination with something for everyone.

Here on Vancouver Island you’ll find hundreds of great things to see and do.  Naturally anywhere you go in the Vancouver Island region, you are surrounded by the unparallel beauty of Canada’s Paradise on the Pacific – the lush rainforests, the rocky shorelines, the wave – swept beaches, the towering peaks, crystal – clear lakes and rivers, and rolling hills and valleys.  It’s awe – inspiring vista after another.

Size and population of British Columbia

The largest island off the Pacific Coast of continental North America, Vancouver Island is the 10th largest island in Canada, and one of 6,000 islands in British Columbia.  It is nine times larger than Long Island, New York; and is larger than many European and Asian countries.  Vancouver Island at its narrowest is 65 kilometers (39 miles) and 97 kilometers (58 miles) at it’s widest.  Total population of the Vancouver Island Region is over 730,000 people.  With nearly 10,000 kilometers (6,000 miles) of public road, just over 8,000 kilometers (4,800 miles) are paved; there are nearly 400 kilometers (240 miles) of railway in use – with the bulk of the rail winding its way along some of the most scenic routes on the Island, and there is a regular scheduled train year round.  Vancouver Island, Victoria, and the Gulf Islands, being such how that they are, have dozens of ports of call, wharves, and marines open to watercraft of all shapes and sizes.  BC Ferries operates 47 ports of call throughout the Island and Gulf Islands on scheduled runs.




Underground Imports
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