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Provinces of Canada:
Flag of Alberta

Table of contents

Intro into Alberta

Alberta covers an area of 661,185 sq km, with a population of just fewer than 3 million people. Natural and cultural wonders, the south is famous for dinosaur digs, ancient buffalo jumps, and guest ranches. Central Alberta has the grassy foothills, the badlands, and famous for fishing, canoeing and rafting down the many rivers.  The North is wild and remote, but home to one of the fastest growing cities in Canada (Fort McMurray).  The western, Rocky Mountain border rises to 3747m (12,293ft), has permanent icefields covering 340 sq km (122 sq miles) and releases meltwaters which supply the Mackenzie River flowing into the Arctic Ocean and the Saskatchewan River flowing into Hudson Bay. The north is a paradise for hunters and anglers, with many Americans coming each spring to check it out for themselves. For more information on Alberta go to




Underground Imports
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