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Table of contents

Clubs and Pubs in Ukraine


The Ukrainian people are very friendly and outgoing and Kiev’s nightlife reflects this attitude. It’s a welcoming city and has loads of bars and clubs. For those after a good night out, many of the side streets off vulitsya Khreschatyk have lots of pubs and there are plenty of clubs, so it here you can find the place for you to dance the night away.

Bogatyrska Street

This is a popular place among locals and foreigners. You will find a lot of stag groups in here on the weekends as it has good live music.

34a Lesi Ukrainki Street

The main distinguishing feature of the Magma Club is its decoration and light effects. The club is located in the underground complex, under the highway. The name of the club is symbolic: it means that the club is the very magma that flows inside the city volcano and that the nightlife in the club is hot and bright.

Opium Dance
1 g Saksaganskogo Street

The Opium Dance Club was founded in 2002. The club has become a very popular place and the dance floor is always crowded with young people.


This is a very popular bar among expats and foreigners. It has a great cocktail bar that is served up on a rotating bar. You will find that a lot of the locals here are good looking models.





Around Lviv’s Old Town you will find many cafes and this is where most people come first for a bit to eat and a few drinks before moving onwards. Most of the best bars and clubs are also located in the city centre, so this is where you will find most of the action.

Fashion Club

This club is one of the most expensive in town, but it’s also where Lviv’s rich go for a few drinks. When you go in it’s like you are stepping into a fashion show, as the woman are definitely dressed to impress. You will find this club in the city centre and it’s definitely worth a look.

Metro Club
Zelena Street 14

This club has several dance floors with a variety of dance music. It attracts a mostly younger crowd and if you are looking for a crazy night dancing then this is the place for you.


This club is located in the same area of the city as the Metro Club and it attracts a mostly older clientele. It has two dance floors and the best nights to go are on Friday and Saturdays.


Dzyga Bar

This bar is located at Virmenska 35 and its an artsy watering hole where you can sample the city's renowned Lvivski beer or some Nemiroff vodka, flavoured with chilli and honey.



This bar is located at Havryshkevycha Sq 1 and they play an electric mix of music, but the atmosphere is great in here most nights and on the weekends you will find it hard to move around.




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