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Flag of Ukraine

Table of contents

Getting around the Country


Ukraine has an extensive rail network as it has over 22,000 km of track. The main stations in the country are Kiev and Lviv. These stations will connect those people wanting to go to Russia and Belarus. Also, from Lviv direct services to Warsaw, Krakow, Berlin, and Bucharest. The trains are old, slow and can be very cold. I took an overnight train to Berlin and it was very cold, even though I paid for a sleeper in 1st class, which on Eastern bloc trains I recommend paying for 1st class as it cheap and it’s similar to what you would get for 2nd class on Western European trains.


This is a cheap way of traveling around the country, but it can be overcrowded and dirty. If you choice to the bus company we recommend is Eurolines. Please stay posted to this website for all the latest news on how you can go about booking seats on Eurolines.

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Underground Imports
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