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Flag of Ukraine

Table of contents

Intro into Ukraine

The Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Eastern Europe and has a population of about 50 million. Ukraine has been an independent republic since 1991. On its Eastern border you will find Russia and on its Western you will find Poland and the growing European Union. In Lviv, the eastern part of the country, Ukraine is definitely Pro-Western, but in the eastern part of the country mainly around Odessa and the capital Kiev, most people are more Pro-Russian. Unfortunately, due to this and the corruption in the country it doesn’t look like it will be accepted into the European Union anytime in the near future.
Ukraine’s GDP was increasing year on year till the world recession of 2008. This recession hit the country very badly it still hasn’t fully recovered.

If you are considering traveling to Ukraine you will not be disappointed, as the country has so much to see and offer and you will need at least a month to see it all. It has some amazing beaches along the Black Sea and the Carpathians Mountains and the city of Lviv should not be missed. The people are extremely friendly (especially in Lviv) and quick to help a foreign stranger, as it’s still new to have western tourists. The one thing I would recommend before going is that you learn the Cyrillic text, so you can read the signs.

Underground Imports
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