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Clubs and Pubs in Spain


Baja Beach Club
34 Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta

This huge beachside club’s claim to fame is it’s the world’s first dance club to offer its VIP members microchip implants.  With the tiny chip under the skin, all it takes is a wave of the hand to buy a round.



This is one of the most popular clubs in Barcelona. Most nights they have house and techno DJ’s mixing there latest tunes. For more information go to



This is a popular club among the locals and backpackers. This club is popular on the weekends and Monday nights. If you like techno and house music you should like this club.



This is a popular Electric / House club that attract a few tourists as well. It’s known for attracting some very well known DJ’s.



I’m not into hard house anymore, but all of you that are this are arguably the best hard house club in the city.



This legendary Ibiza club is located in a few different cities in the country. There house DJ’s will keep you dancing till the early hours of the morning.






Madrid is a lively and one of the most vibrant cities in the world that really kicks off at night. Madrid's nightlife has something to offer everyone, whatever your age, preference in music you are guaranteed to find something everything night you are here, as every night of the week there is something going on till the early morning. 

The most popular nightspot in Madrid is around the Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol, which is full of small tapas bars and other drinking establishments. The locals tend to start their bar crawls here, as it’s a perfect place when tapas is involved. For a cheaper night out, the bars in the districts of Arguelles and Moncloa are generally frequented by a younger, student crowd because of the cheaper drinks, as well as loads of places to eat. In the summer months and especially at night, the area of Paseo de la Castellana and the Parque del Oeste, there are a number of open-air terraces where you can enjoy a glass of sangria and a plate of tapas. The streets of Paseo de Recoletos and Paseo del Prado also boast many restaurants, cafes and popular nightspots.

Clubs in Madrid can be quite expensive and there are loads of places, but if you stick to the areas I have listed above and get the local entertainment guide, you should be able to find a place best suited for you.

Sol & sombra

This bar is located in the Puerta del Sol area of the city where you will find loads of pubs, bars and clubs. It plays a range of music, but the drink prices are quite good and it’s a great atmosphere inside. For more information on Sol & Sombra go


This club is located in the Puerta del Sol area of the city where you will find loads of pubs, bars and clubs. It has two floors and plays a range of music, but the drink prices are quite good and it’s a great atmosphere inside. Arrive early, because there are usually long queues to get in. For more information on Commo go to




This is a huge nightclub that has 6 floors and a roof terrace that is very popular with the locals and tourists in the city.



This red painted bar is quite funky and it gets a mixed crowd. It’s a good place to come to before you head out to one of the bigger clubs in town, as the DJs play some descent music.






The nightlife here in Valencia is spit between the beach area and the new modern, trendy port area. As the beach and port nightlife in Valencia is very seasonal. Most of the places use open air spaces (roofs, gardens, terraces) as there way of getting people in, but will lose there customers once summer is over.


This legendary club has arrived from Ibiza and has become very popular place on the weekend. It is open late and it the international DJs play house music. Be expected to pay at least 15 euro to get in.



This is one of the biggest clubs around that has a huge dance floor, open-air terrace, and a swimming pool. You will have to take a train to get here, but it is free to and from on Saturdays.


Benavente Club

This is a popular night club in Valencia and it’s open till 7am with free entry. You will find a lot tourists and international crowd here dancing to chart music.


St Patrick's

This is the most famous British / Irish pub in Valencia. It’s full of ex-pats, travelers and loads of locals, as it’s always lively. The pub will also cover most of major sports events.



This club has a very trendy decor and is enjoyed by a young, easy-going crowd looking for a good night out.


Budhha del Sol

Valencia’s newest club and most exotic open-air disco is very popular during the summer months.






There are two things people come to Palma for. That would be beaches and partying. As most of the clubs especially in Magalluf and Palma Nova can be cheesy with young British out to get pissed, it’s still cheap and worth checking out. There are many bars to choice from, so we just recommend walking around and seeing what sort of deals you can get with the girls trying to drag you into there bar for a drink.


This club is considered Ibiza’s little sister, but Palma’s version is definitely only for grown-ups.  Expect champagne and suits, not girly drinks and sarongs. It is a must if you go to Palma.







Popular for its foam parties and weekly cream residency.  Amnesia is one of the best clubs on the island.


Café Del Mar

Located in San Antonio, Café Del Mar is Ibiza’s original sunset bar.  It opened its doors in 1978 and in 1994 Energy 52’s named their famous trance song after it.



Located on the bottom of the runway of Ibiza’s busiest airport clubbers will love this place.  The best night is called Circo Loco session which is on Monday’s.


Manumission has been running for over a decade now.  Sex shows, guest DJs and sets from the biggest DJs around and lots of naughtiness are what you will find here.



The most famous club on the island and open year round, this club is a must see. 



In our opinion this is probably the best club and gets some amazing DJs.  If watched DVDs of clubs on Ibiza this is probably the club that was being filmed.  A definite must if you go!!



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