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Clubs and Pubs and entertainment in Ireland


Dublin is starting to get a great club scene the only problem is that it is only open till 3:00am. The club we would recommend would be Space at Temple Theatre, which is located on Temple Street. This night will give you your hard house dose for the week. The capacity is 1,600, but be sure to still get down there early so your not disappointed.

If you don't have a chance to go to Space at Temple Theatre, then we would recommend Liberation at Mono it is on every Thursday. This club is located on Wexford St. and is open till 3:00am. What ever club you go to I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

There are pubs all around Dublin, but there is a great selection on the famous 'Temple Bar' area and also around Harcourt Street, where you will find some fanastic pubs and bars.


Taylors Three Rock

No trip to Ireland is complete without visiting a good Irish pub and listening to tradtional Irish music. Here is your chance, as Taylor's Traditional Irish Cabaret is an exhilarating and unique spectacle incorporating a distinctive blend of Irish music, song, laughter and dance.

This spectacular show starts every day at 6pm and the show is produced by one of Ireland's foremost producers Stuart O'Connor. Stuart is well established as an exciting and successful producer of Irish music theatre and cabaret under the auspices of Spotlight Productions. For more information on Taylors Three Rock go to




Located in the Temple Bar district this is a popular place for locals and tourists coming to the city.



The Clarence

This is U2s hotel and it’s also a popular place to have a drink, as many tourists are hoping that maybe some of the members of the band may be in having a drink.



The Temple Bar

Great place for live music and it’s located in the Temple Bar area.  For more information on The Temple Bar go to


Eamonn Doran’s

Located at 3a Crown Alley, this pub is a great place for some traditional Irish music.



Located in the Temple Bar district this is a great place if you are looking for hip-hop or dance music.






Galway is a huge university town with a great nightlife. If you love to drink this town should fit the bill with all its pubs. Most of the good pubs are located in the central area of Galway around Quay Street. We were in Galway in 2000 for St. Patrick's Day and the city was packed with tourists, which made it hard to get into any of the pubs.

Galway is more of a pub town then club town, but if you are eager to go out, the night to go to is Essense at GPO. This club is located on Eglinton Street and is open weekly from 10:00pm till 2:00am. This night caters to those people who want to here deep house music.

Tigh Neachtain

This pub is regarded as one of the West's finest watering holes, where regulars are quick with a "Cead mile failte!" ("A hundred thousand welcomes to you).


Taaffes Bar

Located on Shop Street, this is one of Galway's favourite traditional Irish bar and they play live music every day from 5:30pm. For more information on Taaffes Bar go to



This bar gets extremely busy on weekends when the stag and hens are in town, as the music can be chessy at times, but the place is always full or people having a great time.



This is probably one of the most posh clubs in town and on the weekends this is the place everyone wants to be. If you are lucky enough to get on the VIP list you are sure to have a great night.






Cork's nightlife is one of the best in the country and the majority of the best places are surrounded around Washington Street, the South Mall and down at the Quays. Here you will find live music, trendy places and some underground places more for the alternative atmosphere.



Located on the South Mall this place is one of the more trendier and modern places to have a drink in Cork. On Friday evenings you will still see the office crowd still in the their from when they finished work. It's a good place to start your night before moving to another place.


Mutton Lane Inn

Located on Patrick Street, this place is very laid back and has candle light to set the mood. If you plan to take a girl out and you want to take her somewhere romantic as well as have a few drinks, then this is the place.


The Oval

Located in South Main Street, this place is small and intimate and also has a very retro cool style to the place.


Long Island

This bar is located on Washington Street and its one of the best cocktail bars in Cork. The bar attracts more of a business and trendy sort of clientele and it gets extremely busy on the weekends.



Located in Cornmarket Street / Coal Quay, this bar is one of the trendy bars in Cork. Due to its location it gets a lot of the office crowd in after work and then stays busy for the rest of the night.



Loacted on the South Mall is Electric. This place is cool with an amazing decor and its a huge bar. There is a strict door policy, so if you look like you might start some trouble then you probably won't get in. They also have excellent bar food with resteraunt upstairs.


Crane Lane

Located on Phoenix Street, is Crane Lane. This is place is great for live music in Cork and its very busy and it keeps that old school atmosphere to the place.


Cypress Avenue

Located over Scotts Bar on Caroline St Cork, this place is great for bands and it gets very busy.


The Pavillion

Located on Careys Lane Cork, this place is good for live Music in Cork and upstairs there is a good nightclub where they have either bands or DJs.


Reardons Complex

Located on Washington Street, this place stays open till 3am and it has a bar on the ground floor and a club above. The ground floor plays live music and the top floor has DJs playing house music. It gets very busy with mainly students and its a place where people usually go if they are looking to pick up.


The Bowery

Located on Tucky St, this is a new trendy nightclub in Cork and it has different music on different floors.



Havana Browns

Loacted on Washsington Street, there are better clubs in Cork, but this one is probably the best one if you are looking for a club, which parties all night long.




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