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Flag of Norway

Table of contents

Intro into Norway

The breathtaking fjords of the southwest are Norway’s most dramatic features, but there are many other reasons to visit this sparsely populated country on the northern fringe of Europe. Norway is located in the Northern end of Europe, where it’s one of three countries that have The Midnight Sun. This is where the sun never sets from the middle of May to the end of July.  It’s the only place in the world you can play golf in sunshine at midnight.  The Northern Lights are another unusual phenomenon.  The flickering lights that dance across the night sky in our northernmost countries are the result of positively and negatively charged particles from the sun entering the earth’s atmosphere and colliding with neutral gas particles.

This country is known for its Viking past, which they plundered Europe during the 10th century. Also, few people know that it was a Norwegian, Leiv Erikson, who discovered Vinland (America) 500 years before Columbus. 

The Kingdom of Norway has not always been independent.  In 1660, the country joined Denmark in a union and was effectively ruled for more than 200 hundred years from Copenhagen.  After secession in 1814, Norway united with Sweden later that same year.  This lasted till 1905 when an enormous desire for independence among Norwegians resulted in a national referendum and dissolution.  Few countries celebrate their national day as enthusiastically as Norwegians do on 17th of May.

Norway’s main exports are timber and fish.  Norwegian expertise in marine and industrial engineering and information technology is in high demand, and Norway is the 2nd largest shipping nation in the world.  In 1970, oil was discovered off the Norwegian coast and since then it has made Norway an important oil producer.

This country is very beautiful with waterfalls, mountains, fjords, and glaciers. It’s also one of the highest standards living in the world. If you are into the outdoors this is defiantly the country for you. You can go camping, hiking, and also go see waterfalls, mountains, fjords, and glaciers. If you decide to go to Norway, which I recommend, make sure to bring lots of money, as it’s very expensive. With all this in mind this country is highly recommended and definitely worth a visit. For more information go to



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