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Northern Ireland

Flag of Northern Ireland

Table of contents

Intro into Northern Ireland

Now that there is peace in Northern Ireland it is becoming a popular tourist destination among travelers. Belfast, which is Northern Irelands capital, has always been a important shipping port. This is where the famous "Titanic" set sail from in 1912. There is lot of new money being pouring into Belfast nowadays, which is making it a great place for investors. The new Titanic Museum opening in 2012 it will be a perfect new tourist attraction to Belfast and the country.

Northern Ireland's capital
used to be the western version of Beirut. If you were living in this city during 70's and 80's there would have been shootings and bombings happening on a weekly basis. Today things aren't as bad, but you will still feel the tension in the air when you are in Belfast. This is something we think that will always remain due to their history, but it shouldn't be a reason to keep you from visiting.

Today, with the Titanic Museum being built in Belfast, the Giant Causeway's Visitor Centre being completed in July 2012 and finally Derry / Londonderry being named the first UK City of Culture for 2013 has made this no better time to visit the country.



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