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Flag of Montenegro

Table of contents

Things to do and See in Montenegro


This city is located at the foot of a high cliff and the fortified Old Town has loads of great bars and restaurants. You enter Old Town through the town gate brings the visitor to the square with the 17th-century Clock Tower. This city used to be a huge naval power in the Mediterranean during the 17th and 18th centuries, but eventually lost its power.


Maritime Museum

This museum shows Kotor’s formerly high position as a Mediterranean naval power and how the sea is to the city. The displays shows its proud past and when it had over 400 ships sailing around the world/


St Tryphon Cathedral

This cathedral was originally built in the 11th century and has been reconstructed several times due to a few earthquakes. In 1667 the entire western front was destroyed and replaced by stone bell towers and a Romanesque-Gothic artitecture make it an incredible building to look at.





This is the most popular coastal holiday spot in the country and its Montenegro’s version of Dubrovnik. It has old narrow streets and old limestone houses. In summer the city hosts a national music festival and a summer festival. As a result all the bars and clubs get very busy.




Sveti Stefan

This small little island is located 5km south of Budva and the only way onto the island is by a small bridge. It used to be a small little fishing village, but most of the people living there were poor and moved away looking for more money. An entrepreneur had an idea of buying the whole island and turning it into a big hotel complex. It’s a very beautiful area of the country and admission price to enter the resort is only €5.




Monastery of Ostrog

This monastery is located 25km south of Nikšić and it was built in 1665 and it looks like it has grown out of the rocks of the cliff. The monastery is 900m above the Zeta valley floor. In 1942 this was the place that the Montenegrin and Boka patriots met to agree their country should join Tito’s Yugoslavia and his vision of the region. It’s an amazing monastery and if you have a chance to go there you should do it.




Lake Skadar National Park

This is a huge national park and where many locals go to have a relaxing day out. In the park you will find Lake Skadar, which is the biggest lake in the Balkans at over 45km long. One of the other tourist attractions of the lake is that it has the largest bird sanctuaries and remaining pelican habitats in Europe.



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