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Flag of Montenegro

Table of contents

Getting around the Country


Since the civil war the rocked the region the rail links in the area haven’t fully been restored. There are rail services to all the neighboring countries and most services go via Belgrade or Croatia. For more information go to


Buses are the mainstay of domestic public transport. The system is reliable and buses are usually comfortable. Although any given route may be covered by several different operators, bus stations normally display clear timetables that combine information from all the companies. To place luggage in the hold you have to pay a small extra fee, typically the equivalent of a euro. This is paid seperate from the ticket, so try to have some change handy. This is an excellent way of travelling and meeting locals.


The national airline of the country is Montenegro Airlines, which flies from Podgorica to Budapest, Rome, Zurich, Ljubljana and Frankfurt/M and from Tivat to Dusseldorf. For more information go to


There are two main ferry ports in the country and they are located at Bar and Kotor. These two ports have ferry links to other countries along the Adriatic coast.

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Underground Imports
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