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Tour Companies in Lithuania

We want to make your vacation as stress free as possible, so if you are wanting to Book a Tour of Lithuania, interested in Tours of Lithuania or Day Tours of Vilnius then Travel with Chris is your best website to book your tour.

Our trusted tour companies in Lithuania are Gap Adventures and Intrepid Travel. These fantastic companies have excellent tours that cover Lithuania and all other areas of the globe. Please find more information on the tour companies below.



Gap Adventures is the largest small group adventure travel company in the word. They have been operating for over 20 years and they have the widest selection of affordable small group tours, safaris and polar expeditions.

Gap Adventures Tours in Lithuania give you the opportunity to see the beautiful baroque Old Town of Vilnius, which is the captial of Lithuania

For more information on all of Gap Advetures tours they offer along with prices please click to book now.




Intrepid Travel operates in seven continents and is one of the world's leading small-group adventure travel companies. Since it's inception in 1989, Intrepid has focused on providing a style of travel that has all the benefits of independent travel with none of the hassle; small groups travelling at the grassroots level, meeting local people, trying local food and having real life cultural experiences.

In Lithuania, Intrepid Travel allows you to see a proud little country, which was once a powerful empire stretching from Baltic Sea to Black Sea. Now it's still unique, but modern as well; traditional, yet forward looking. It is known for its fascinating history, beautiful nature and friendly, open-hearted people. This northernmost catholic country has one of the nicest capitals in Europe, Vilnius, which is still undiscovered by mass tourism. There are plenty of other sights like national parks abundant with lakes and rivers, the Baltic Sea coast with it's gorgeous sand dunes and little charming villages hidden away from obvious tourist path. If you come to Lithuania it could well be the highlight of your trip.

For more information on all of Intrepid Travel's tours they offer along with prices please click to book now.

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