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Flag of Lithuania

Table of contents

Intro into Lithuania

This country has a colorful history, but most recently since the fall of communism, this country has joined the EU and is a member of NATO. The F-16 jet fighters use there airspace to watch the skies of the Baltic’s. The country lies in the southeast corner of the Baltic Sea region. Lithuania shares land borders with Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia. A big part of the population has a Russian background, due to its old communist days.

This country hasn’t seen the flock of tourists as its neighbors to the north have, but it’s only a matter of time when the tourists come and see what a beautiful county Lithuania is. I think that Lithuania and especially the capital Vilnius is an under-rated city. It’s a fascinating city with friendly people and the Old Town should not be missed. I would definitely recommend it if you are coming to the Baltic area of Europe. For more information go to

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