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Clubs and pubs in Italy


Clubbing enthusiasts should head to the discoteche in Testaccio, with the area around Piramide metro station and spreading down the Via Ostiense containing the highest number of nightclubs. Metaverso in particular has offbeat DJs and slightly cheaper entry prices, while Villaggio Globale is renowned for its big guests. When you are in Rome check out the entertainment magazine and see what is on when you are there.




Milan is a busy, bustling city full of young people and has a vibrant nightlife. From traditional pubs to pumping clubs, there is something to enjoy for everyone in Milan.

Go to the Navigli and Porta Ticinese districts of Milan where they come alive and are buzzing all hours of the night and you should find something perfect for you. Milan takes its clubbing very seriously and as such there is not only a wide choice of music varieties but also a highly competitive battle to have the best and most interesting interior designs. This city is of course renowned for its style and its clubs have had an important impact on that reputation.

Hollywood Club

This is Milan’s most famous club and it attracts models, footballers, and the VIP’s of Milan.



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