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Flag of Iceland

Table of contents

Intro into Iceland

Iceland is a large island in the North Atlantic close to the Arctic Circle and it’s the westernmost country in Europe. It lies about 800km northwest of Scotland and 970km west of Norway. Its northern coast is just below the Artic Circle. Iceland is a small country with a population under 400,000 and remains outside the EU but is a member of NATO. Iceland’s biggest industry is tourism as thousands of people come here every year to experience there thermal pools and pub crawls.

This country was arguably most affected during the financial meltdown and today it’s still feeling the affect of it. Many tourists have started to flock here due to the financial situation, as the tourists get more there money then they previously got.

Iceland’s is absolutely amazing as it beautiful landscapes, geysers, mountains, glaciers and geothermal pools. More than half the population lives in or around Reykjavík, the capital. Iceland is one of the most volcanically active countries in the world. Hekla, in the south of Iceland, has erupted no fewer than 16 times. Reykjavík is set on a broad bay, surrounded by mountains, and is in an area of geothermal hot springs, creating a natural central heating system and pollution-free environment. On weekends Reykjavík has become famous in the past few years for its pub crawls (runter) on the weekends. With Iceland having such a high standard of living it can be very expensive to go and visit, but once you are here you will defiantly think it was worth it.



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