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Beach resorts

 Antibes - Juan les PinsBandolBiarritz
La Grande MotteNiceNormandy
St MaloSt RaphaelSt Tropez

French Beach Resorts

 Antibes - Juan les Pins


Antibes and Juan les Pins is located in the south of France between Nice and Cannes, on the Famous French Riviera. The Antibes side of the resort is known for being more quiet and famous for its traditional old city, while Juan les Pins is famous for being very modern, trendy and for its nightlife, which it has been hosting a jazz festival for the past 40 years, which is one of the biggest in Europe. Juan le Pins clubs are some of the trendiest in Europe and it wouldn’t be strange to see a top celebrating in them on any given night.

Antibes has the largest pleasure boat port in the Europe, which is known as ‘Millionaires Quay’ as you will constantly see the rich and famous rubbing shoulders around this area of the city.
This resort attracts the mostly rich crowd, but it does attract other wealthy families around Europe to its sandy beaches and great attractions. The Le Salis Beach is the most popular public beach, but its recommended you check out the beaches at Juan les Pins as well, as they don’t get as crowded during peak season. For more information go to







This resort is located in the south of France between the cities of Marseille and Toulon on the Mediterranean Coast. This is one of the oldest and largest resorts in the south of France and it many famous people have been year over the years. Its marina is also one of the largest in the country if not in Europe with over 1500 berths for yachts and boats.

The resort attracts all types of people around France and Europe for not only its water sports, but its nightlife, which is one of the best in the area. For more information in Bandol go to







Located in the southwest corner of the country in the capital of the French Basque region is Biarritz. This resort mainly attracts wealthy Europeans who come for the shopping, golfing and its upscale glamorous hotels. Because of its great waves it also attracts surfers you come from all over the world.

The main beach is Grande Plage beach, which in summer sees thousands of people flock to its beautiful beach. If you are a surfer go to Côte des Basques beach, which in July every year hosts one of the world’s biggest surf festivals. It also hosts an annual surfing completion, which attracts thousands of people to the area.

If you are looking for nightlife then you won’t be short of places to choice from. In summer you will see loads of bars and clubs giving out flyers to bring you to their location. If you like to gamble go to Casino Barrière de Biarritz, which is one of the largest casinos in the country.






Cannes is located in the south of France on the famous French Riviera. Cannes is best known for its annual international film festival, which draws all the top film stars and directors. Cannes is also second only to Paris in the country for being a top destination for business travel.

The tourists who flock to Cannes and its glamorous resort of Côte d'Azur are mainly rich Europeans looking for a bit of sun, beach and great shopping, which all the top designers can be found here and they can be found on the stretch of La Croisette.

In Cannes you will find expensive private beaches, which are reserved for all the celebritites and movie stars who come here. If you are looking for a free beach go to the Plages du Midi, but just to warn you it gets very busy in summer.

If you are looking for some nightlife go to La Croisette, which has loads of pubs and clubs. Like most resorts located on your near the Côte d'Azur, people also flock to the casino, which gives you a chance to roll with the high rollers. When you go out please make sure to dress smart, as if you are just wearing jeans and a t-shirt you probably won’t get in too many places.





Dinard is located in northwest France along the coast of Brittany. The majority of the tourists who visit are British holidaymakers, families and couples. Most of the Brits who visit are from southern England or the Channel Islands are looking for a quick retreat away for its mild climate and beautiful coastal scenery.

There are four main beaches, but the busiest one is Plage de l'Ecluse, which gets extremely packed in the summer months. Most of the beaches offer a variety of water sports from snorkeling, diving, sailing and yachting to even deep-sea fishing.

If you are looking for something away from the beach go to Mont Saint-Michel (, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was built in the 11th century. This Benedictine abbey is on a rocky inlet and during high tide its there’s only a small road that takes you to its entrance. It’s an impressive attraction and definitely worth a visit.





Hyères is located on the famous French Riviera in the south of France. It’s a popular summer resort among families and couples and it’s famed for its palm trees, which line the resort.

The resort has over 40km of breathtaking sandy beaches and rocky inlets, which are found on many postcards. The busiest and most popular beach is L'Almanarre, which in summer attracts thousands of people and it’s hard to find a place to sit and soak up the sun. On many of the beaches you will find a variety of water sports ranging from jet-skiing, sailing, deep-sea fishing to even scuba diving, as it one of the best diving wreck sites in the Mediterranean.  

If you are looking for nightlife then you won’t be disappointed, as there is a huge selection of bars and clubs to choice from and the majority are open till the early hours of the morning.




La Grande Motte

La Grande Motte is located in the south of France on the Mediterranean Coast. It was purposely built in the 1960s and today with over 300 days of sunshine is one of the busiest in the Languedoc region, which attracts mainly families and young couples.  

The resort has some fantastic beaches, which get extremely busy in summer. There are a wide selection of water sports on offer, which include water and jet-skiing, paragliding to snorkeling great diving sites.

Most of the action is located around the marina, which has over 1400 berths, but if you are looking for activities away from the water then you won’t be disappointed. Here you will find golf and tennis courses, sailing schools and loads of dive shops to choice from.





Nice is located in the south of France along the famous French Riviera and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in France. It attracts a mixed crowd and the majority of the people who come to Nice come for its great beaches, lively old town and great shopping.

There are many public and private beaches and in summer the public beaches are extremely busy and it’s hard to find a sun bed or umbrella. There is also a great range of water sports available from paragliding, sailing, to water and jet-skiing.

If you are looking for nightlife then you won’t be disappointed, as you have loads of great pubs and clubs. The majority of them are found on Cours Saleya and along the waterfront.






Normandy is located in northern coast of France, near the English Channel. It's best known for the site of the D'Day Landings on June 6, 1944. This is where thousands of Canadian, American, British, Polish, German, French and other ally countries all lost their lives. Those landings were the first step in ending World War II.

The beautiful coastline of Normandy stretches over three area, which include Manche, Calvados and Seine Maritime and each is amazing in its own right. If you are looking for a beach holiday then the two best in Normandy are Manche and Seine Maritime. Manche has the greatest number of blue flag beaches in Europe and Seine Maritime is an excellent family beach with breath taking beaches.

If you have come to see where the biggest amphibious military operation in history took place, then you have come to the right place. The D'Day Landing sites are Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword. These beaches are spread out over miles of beach and if you want to see it all, then you should give yourself at least three days. This will give you the opportunity to see the landing sites, Arromanches, as well as all of the cemeteries, which the American one puts it all into perspective.

If you are looking for accommodation or nightlife in Normandy, it's recommended that you go to Bayeux, as this is a city within driving distance to all the sites and it’s a beautiful old medieval French city. For more information on Normandy go to




St Malo

The three most popular resorts in St Malo are Mole, Bon Secours and Sillon. Mole is popular with families as it’s a good beach to relax at. Bon Secours has a large saltwater pool and sailing club, which make it more popular with your water enthusiasts. Finally, Sillon is popular for those interested in doing jet or waterskiing.

If you are looking for something away from the beach go to Mont Saint-Michel (, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was built in the 11th century. This Benedictine abbey is on a rocky inlet and during high tide its there’s only a small road that takes you to its entrance. It’s an impressive attraction and definitely worth a visit.

If you are looking for nightlife then don’t come to St. Malo, as it’s nightlife is pretty low key, but it does have some excellent cafes and a few bars around the beach and inside the walled Old City.




St Raphael

St Raphael is located in the south of the country on the famous French Riviera. It’s located between Marseille and Nice, which makes it easy to get to from one their airports. Because of its location it attracts a mix of people looking for the trendy and glitzy French Riviera.

The main beach in St. Raphael is very popular and gets extremely busy in the summer months. There are loads of water sports available from snorkeling and scuba diving to water and jet-skiing. For all the divers out there St. Raphael is a real gem as it has there were a few boats sunk during World War II, which now makes for some excellent wreck diving.

The nightlife in and around St. Raphael is buzzing at night, as most of the action is around the beachfront and a short drive away in Nice. Also, if you carrier along the beach into Frejus, which is the twin town it gets pretty busy at night as well.




St Tropez


St Malo is located on the northeast coast of Brittany in northwest France. It’s a beautiful city with a breathtaking walled Old City, which the medieval streets and the 1160 St Vincent Cathedral inside being the main attraction. Also, it has a few fantastic golden beaches, which makes St. Malo popular with locals and British. The majority of the people who visit are young couples and families.

St. Tropez is on the Bay of St. Tropez on the famous French Riviera between Marseille and Nice. This used to be the premier resort in the French Riviera, but today it still has its glitz and glamour, but many of the neighbouring resorts have become more popular. It still is popular though with the rich and famous as you will see loads of millionaire yachts floating around the marina.

The beach at St. Tropez isn’t the best and it’s recommended to go to Plage de Tahiti, which is a sandy beach that has loads of great bars and clubs around. Also, Plage de Tahiti is loads of water sports available for those water enthusiasts.

The one thing that St. Tropez has going for it is the nightlife, which is arguably one of the best in the French Riviera. The waterfront around Quai Jean Jaures is where you will find the majority of the clubs and pubs, which stay open till the early hours. If you don’t want to crazy, but a nice relaxing bar go to Place des Lices or Plage de Tahiti, which is a short distance away.






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