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Flag of Estonia

Table of contents

Things to do and See in Estonia


There are many things to see in Tallinn as it is among the oldest cities in Northern Europe. Its unique appearance is due to its rich cultural and architectural heritage of past ages. Go visit the Upper Town, which once was a stronghold and where the rich and powerful lived. The Dome Church is the oldest in Tallinn and is where tomb of many Swedish and German noblemen is buried. Below is a list of things to do and see and whatever you decide you will not be disappointed.

If you plan to try and see most of the sights think about picking up the Tallinn Card, which is good for 24 hours. For prices and information go to

The Old Town

The centerpiece of the Tallinn is undoubtedly the Old Town, which dates back to the 13th century and is registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage list since 1997. The Old Town is great for a walking along the cobbled stone streets looking at the old buildings. Tallinn has quite a café culture, which you will defiantly notice around the Old Town Square. For more information go to

Town Hall

Located in the Old Town, this is the most well-preserved medieval town hall in Northern Europe.

Dome Palace

This palace was built in the 13th and 14th century. Today, the Estonian State Assembly is located here.

Cathedral of Aleksander Nevski

Located in the Old Town of Tallinn, this is the biggest and most majestic Orthodox Church in Tallinn.

Toompea Hill

According to the local legend Toompea (Dome Hill) is the grave of the Estonian national hero Kalevipoeg.  It has been the seat of whoever has governed Estonia since the early 13th century.  Today you will find the Estonian government housed in a fortress dating back to 1229, Dome Church, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and some amazing views of the city.

The Town Wall

The defense towers surrounding the Old Town were one of the mightiest in the 16th century.


The Rest of the Country



Located about 2 hours drive from Tallinn. Pärnu is a small town situated on the banks of the Pärnu River. Established in the 13th century, the town is known as a seaport and a health resort. The main attraction is its 3km-long sandy beach which is very popular with the locals


This is Estonia’s second-largest city and lies about 176km from Tallinn on the Emajõgi River. The city has a very old university and the Vyshgorod Cathedral, which was built between the 13th-15th centuries.

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