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London underground (The Tube)

In London the best form of transportation is the London Underground or which is better known as 'The Tube'. The London Underground dates back to 1863,which makes it the oldest underground railway in the world, the first section on what are now the Circle, Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City lines opened in that year. In 1890, it also became the first to operate electric trains.

During those dark long nights during World War II when Nazi Germany was bombing London, many Londoners used the Underground as a shelter and protection angainst those bombs fallen above.

Today, the London Underground is a major business, with over 3 million passenger journeys a day, which makes it the third busiest metro system in Europe after Moscow and Paris. It also has over 507 trains, 270 stations, 13 lines and 402 kilometres (250mi) of track in total. This makes it the second largest metro system in the world in terms of route miles after Shanghai Metro. If you require more information go to their website for all the latest news and schedules.

If you would like a full scale map of the London Underground and see where it goes click on the following link London Underground Map



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