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Flag of Denmark

Festivals & Events

Danish Festivals and Events

January – June

Natfilm Festival
Copenhagen, Denmark
March – April

This is the biggest film festival in Denmark and its in place to promote Danish filmmakers.



Aalborg Carnival
Aalborg, Denmark

This festival is a free for all procession and you can dance to samba and check out the decorated boats in the water parade.



Whitsun Carnival
Copenhagen, Denmark

This festival has parades, dancing, and other festivities, which attracts thousands of people.





July – December

Roskilde Rock Festival
Roskilde, Denmark
Beginning of July

This four-day festival in Denmark has everything from bands to DJs and it’s one of the biggest in Scandinavia as it attracts more than 100,000 people. It received some bad press a few years ago with some people getting trampled, but security and the layout is better and if you go you are sure to have a great time.


Skagen Festival
Skagen, Denmark


Tønder Festival
Tønder, Denmark


The Copenhagen Jazz Festival
July - August

This festival in Denmark is held every August and it’s one of the biggest jazz festivals in Europe, as it’s held over 10 days.


International Film Festival


Århus Festival

This 10-day event has a great selection of music being played.


Tivoli Gardens
Copenhagen, Denmark

This event has special events that lead up to the Christmas celebrations.




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