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Flag of Denmark

Table of contents

Intro into Denmark

Denmark is popular among tourists for its liberal laws, especially in Christiania in Copenhagen. When I went I was impressed how clean and beautiful the country is. I definitely recommend this country to any traveler.

Denmark is an ‘Island’ country, the biggest being Zealand (facing Sweden) where the capital Copenhagen is located and where about two of the five million population live, with the most of the rest on the Jutland peninsular, which connects the country to the European mainland (Germany). The international airport is on yet another island nearby called Amager Island. There are nearly 400 other small islands, of which some seventy or so have small populations. A country has loads of beautiful beaches that are scattered all over the countries 7000km of coast and it has a long tradition of maritime tradition that goes back to the Vikings. The Danes used to be one of the powers of Europe and today they are one of the few that have chosen not to join the Euro currency and thus keeping their Danish Krone as the legal tender in the country. For more information go to

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