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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Table of contents

Intro into Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina shares borders with Serbia and Montenegro in the east and southeast, and Croatia to the north and west. It has a short Adriatic coastline of 20km (12 miles) in the south. Travel by road is the usual means of transport in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many of the roads are still in poor condition but the rail service is gradually being restored because of the brutal civil war in the 90s. Since the end of the war and the reconstruction people are starting to visit this region of Europe again. It’s been slow coming, but the country and especially Sarajevo is becoming a popular spot as what it once was.

For those historians, Sarajevo which is Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital was the place of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand that is believed to be the trigger for World War I. After he was shot this prompted Austria-Hingary's declaration of war against Serbia.



Underground Imports
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