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Flag of Thailand

Table of contents

Intro into Thailand

Thailand is known as the gateway to South - East Asia and the country with a thousand smiles. This is where many travelers come to get their visas and transportation for travel to other Asian countries. With this in mind, Bangkok International Airport is second busiest airport in the world.

Thailand is a laid back and liberal country. Over 95% of the population is Buddhist. The Thai way of living is very unique. You have everything from lady boys, to Thai boxers, to Buddhist shrines. It's an interesting mix that seems to have no problems with one another.

Travelers to Thailand can choose from doing a jungle trek in Chang Mai or choosing to go down south where Thailand has 2710 Km of some of the best coastline in the world. The south will fit every budget travelers needs. While you are down south, there are many things to do from Scuba - diving, rock climbing, to even sea kayaking. If you don't feel like doing anything then you can just enjoy the sunshine on one of the beautiful white sand beaches.

Underground Imports
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