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Festivals & Events

Taiwan Festivals and Events

January – June

Kending Wind Bell Festival
Taipei, Taiwan



Lantern Festival
Taipei, Taiwan

This festival lasts for five days and people party and let lantern off into the air.



Flying Fish Festival
Lanyu Island, Taiwan

This festival is for the boys of the country who all see how many fish they catch and win a competition.



Taiwan Tea Expo
Pinglin, Taiwan

This is a festival that you can come and try tea from all over the country. There is also some traditional song and dance for all the tourists to enjoy.


Folkarts Festival
Lukang, Taiwan

This is a huge celebration where everyone has a great time and celebrates Matsu’s Birthday.


International Flag and Drum Festival
Kaohsiung, Taiwan



Tomb Sweeping Festival
Taipei, Taiwan


Sanyi Woodcarving Festival
Sanyi, Taiwan

This is the islands woodcarving capital and it’s a chance to be involved in a wood carving competition. There is also some great food for you to try as well.


Dragon Boat Festival
Tainan City, Taiwan

This four day festival has long dragon boats race and try to win. The festival is in memory of the suicide of poet Chu Yuan.


Taipei Chinese Food Festival
Taipei, Taiwan





July – December

Ghost Month Festival
Quianggu, Taiwan

Ami Harvest Festival
Hualien, Taiwan

This festival has loads of dancing, singing and great local food that everyone who is there comes to enjoy.



Keelung Ghost Festival
Keelung, Taiwan

There is a different clan represented every year and they burn water lanterns and open the gates of heel, as they say.


Boat Burning Festival
Donggang, Taiwan

This is held every three years and the festival lasts for eight days. The boat is filled with clothing, cars, electronic appliances, etc and its burnt as an offering to Wen Wang-yeh. It’s a great and interesting event.


Yingee Ceramics Festival
Yingee, Taiwan



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