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Flag of Taiwan

Table of contents

Things to do and See in Taiwan



The city of Taipei is a relatively a new city as it’s only been around for just over a hundred years. Taipei was designated a ‘special municipality’ in July 1967, as it has its own set of rules and is a strong American Ally. The city itself is a magnet of those looking for a great deal as there are loads of shops every where. Also, today it has the world’s largest tallest building mixed in with the rest of the skyscrapers in the city.  The city Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), which is Taipei’s underground metro system, is fantastic and gives you the opportunity to see some of the cities sights. The city is packed with museums and shrines that are important to the locals and worth visiting.

Night Markets

One of the most popular attractions in the city is the night markets, which gives you the opportunity to buy almost anything at a great price. The two best are the Shilin Night Market, which is the best and this indoor market is known for its clothing and footwear. The other market worth checking out is Tonghua Night Market, which also sells loads of clothing but on a smaller scale than the Shilin.

National Palace Museum

On the eve of the Communist takeover in 1949, thousands of books and other objects were taken from the Forbidden Palace in Beijing and taken to Taipei. They are now housed in this museum for the whole world to see.

Lungshan (Dragon Mountain) Temple

The Lungshan (Dragon Mountain) Temple is dedicated to Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, and was built in 1740. The temple, one of more than 5000 temples and shrines in the country and is a popular tourist attraction.


Located in the cities northern suburbs is this beautiful place, as it’s known for it hot springs, which are located every where. The area is also known for its film production, as many of the countries films have been filmed in this area.


Located a short distance from Taipei is known for its tea, hiking trails and excellent rivers for those looking to go for a swim.

The Islands

The country has over 80 islands that offer superb beaches and excellent diving. Below is a list of a couple of them.

Green Island

This island has a volcanic background and is the best place in the country for diving and snorkelling. There are several dive companies that give you the chance to see dive sights that include Nanliao, with amazing coral and the Chungliao Submerged Reef, which is popular with those more experienced divers.

Penghu Islands

These islands are located off the west coast and are a popular with the countries locals. It has beautiful white sandy beaches and a great place for snorkelling.

Orchid Island

This is one of the smaller islands off the southeast coast and is the home of the aboriginal Yami, one of the worlds’s last surviving hunter-gatherer tribes. The island is surrounded by coral reefs that are excellent for any diver. 

The Rest of the Country

Taroko Gorge

The Taroko Gorge is a huge canyon that has huge marble cliffs and is popular for its hiking trails. It’s located a short drive from Taipei and Pear Mountain located in the gorge is a popular mountain resort.

Jade Mountain

The country is dominated by the Central Mountain Range that covers 75 per cent of the island. It has over 100 peaks that are over 3000m above sea level and the highest is the Yu Shan (Jade Mountain), which is 3952m above sea level. Located in this area is the islands largest lake, which is called Sun Moon Lake. Its located 700m above sea level and with the Jade Mountain in the background makes it a popular place to go fishing or boating. It’s a beautiful area of the country that has virgin forests and definitely recommend.

Kenting National Park

The Kenting National Park is a popular forest recreation area that has excellent beaches, coral lakes, a bird sanctuary and other water sports. This is a popular weekend gateway for locals as it has loads to offer.


This was once the islands capital and is the oldest city on the island. It’s known as the ‘City of 100 Temples’, as there are in fact 220, amongst them some of the best examples of Confucian temple architecture on the island. It’s an excellent place to walk the streets and look at the ancient temples. Nearby the city has some excellent beaches as well.

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