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Flag of Syria

Table of contents

Intro into Syria

Syria is one of the oldest and most beautiful countries in the world. It’s located in the Middle East and it borders Iraq, which in the current situation in the Middle East doesn’t make it the safest area in the world to be in. The country can be divided geographically into four main areas: the fertile plain in the northeast, the plateau, coastal and mountain areas in the west, the central plains, and the desert and steppe region in the central and south-eastern areas. The Euphrates flows from Turkey in the north, through Syria, down to Iraq in the southeast. It is the longest river in Syria, the total length being 2330km (1450 miles), of which 600km (370 miles) pass through Syria. The Khabur River supports the al-Khabur Basin in the northeast. I do recommend the country, but please be diligent as westerners have been targeted by terrorists in recent years.

Underground Imports
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