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South Korea

Flag of South Korea

Table of contents

Getting around the Country


South Korea has an excellent train network that’s operated by Korea National Railroad and it connects all the towns and cities in the country. All the trains are clean and comfortable and you will find all the signs in Korean and English. The network has two fast trains going between Seoul to Daejeon and also to Busan. Also, they have bullet trains that go over 300km/h, so you gat to your destination in a fraction of the time. There are three classes of trains, Super-Express, Express and Local, so whatever your budget you will be able to get to your destination for whatever price. For more information on Korea National Railroad go to

If you plan on travelling extensively in Korea, it’s advisable to buy the KR Pass, which is available to foreigners and can save you loads of money. There are day and group passes, so for more information go to

If you are in Seoul the best way to get around is by there super sufficient underground, which is cheap and reliable. Also, all the signs are written in English and Korean, so you won’t have any trouble getting around. The Korea Pass Card is a great prepaid card that allows you to use it on buses and the subway in the city. It also works as a telephone and credit card and offers some discounts on tourist’s sights. The subway system in the city is cheap reliable and clean. For more information go to or or


Korea has thousands of miles of roads and most are well taken care of. The countries bus network is excellent, as it can take you to any town and city in the country. The buses are very cheap and reliable, but make sure to book in advance as they are often booked up. Another thing to remember is that you should write down on a piece of paper where you want to go to, as all the bus driver’s don’t speak English.


The two best airlines in the country are the national airlines Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, which both have excellent links within the country and to other destinations in the region. For more information go to and


The country has an excellent ferry service that connects all the islands with the mainland. The best company to travel with domestically is Semo Cruise Company, as they have the cheapest prices and are most reliable.

If you plan to travel internationally the two main ports in the country are at Busan in the south of the country and Incheon, which is just west of Seoul. The best companies to go with if you are going to Japan are Bugwan Ferry, Korea Ferry and Korea Marine Express. If you are planning on going to China, the best companies to travel with are Jinchon Ferry and Weidong Ferry, which have regular services to China.

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