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South Korea

Flag of South Korea

Table of contents

Intro into South Korea

The Republic of Korea (South Korea) since the end of World War II has been split and it now shares a border to the north with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. South Korea is a beautiful country that has over 10,000 temples and 20,000 monks and given the increasing worldwide interest in Buddhism, Korean monks are now opening their temples and monasteries to tourists. Besides the temples the country has loads of beautiful beaches and islands that attract loads of locals and tourists. In recent years the world’s attention has been on this country as it has hosted the 1988 Olympic Games and the 2002 Football World Cup which it co-hosted together with Japan. This was the first time the World Cup had taken place in an Asian country. Today, South Korea is an excellent place to visit as it’s one of the most modern in Asia and while you are in the country you should go shopping and pick up the latest electronic gadget that more than likely has been made in the country.

Underground Imports
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