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Flag of Macau

Table of contents

Intro into Macau

Macau is UNESCO World Heritage listed and its two islands joined by bridges at the entrances to the Pearl River Delta and its only 60km south of Hong Kong. This Old Portuguese colony is great for shopping and there are over 100 ferries that depart every day to and from Hong Kong to Macau.

Like Hong Kong it was controlled by the Portuguese for 99 years and given back in 1999. Also, like Hong Kong it’s ruled as a Special Administrative Region, so this is one of the reasons that the gambling industry has taken off so rapidly. Its 27 casinos and growing are controlled by four companies. For the first time in 2006, Macau’s economy overtook Hong Kong in GDP growth and it attracted over 20 million visitors. The revenue generated from the gambling industry even was more than Las Vegas.

Besides the gambling people do come here for other reasons, as it’s a beautiful island with amazing cobbled streets, which reminds you of Portugal. For more information on this beautiful country go to or  

Underground Imports
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