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Flag of Japan

Table of contents

Getting around Japan


The train is the best way to the travel around the country, as the Shinkansen or Bullet Trains, are modern, efficient and fast. Other types of trains include Tokkyu (Limited Express), Kyuko (Express), Kaisoku (Rapid Train) and Futsu (Local Train). It has already been mentioned, but all the trains are very reliable and cheap. If you are a tourist to the country and plan to do a lot of train travel its recommend that you buy a Japan Rail Pass, as it’s the cheapest and easiest way to get around the country. Different passes are available and please stay tuned to this website for more information on the different types of passes available.





The country has an excellent bus network that connects all the towns and cities in the country. It’s not as fast as the Shinkansen or Bullet Trains, but they are cheap and reliable.





The countries two biggest airlines are Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways, as they have fantastic links within the country and to many international countries. For more information go to





There are several ferries that connect Japan to China, Korea and Taiwan. Ferries operate daily from Osaka and Kobe to Shanghai (China) and weekly from Kobe to Tanggu (near Tianjin, China). For Taiwan, ferries depart from Okinawa. The Shimonoseki-Busan ferry runs nightly across the Sea of Japan to South Korea. There are also ferries that go weekly to Vladivostok, Russia.

If you plan to travel by boat within the country there are excellent high-speed links between the mainland and the neighbouring islands.



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