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Flag of Indonesia

Table of contents

Intro into Indonesia

Indonesia is a huge country. It's made up of 13,677 islands, of which only 1500 are inhabited. Indonesia's population contains 362 different kinds of people, and there are over 250 languages and dialects. Indonesia holds over 160 million Muslims which makes it the biggest Muslim country in the world. Majority of the business done in this country is done in Jakarta. This would be the best place to fly into, because from here it gives you the best option for domestic travel.

The most tourist island in Indonesia is called Bali and its International airport is in Denpasar. Bali boosts of having the best surf beaches in Indonesia and has stunning scenery, beautiful sunsets and great beaches. With this in mind you get a lot of Australians coming to this island for some cheap shopping, as well as a quick surf trip. The one thing which I love about Indonesia is their food. In my opinion they have some of the best dishes in the world. One dish I would recommend is Nasi Gorang which is fried rice with egg on top. Indonesia is highly recommended for a cheap fantastic holiday.

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