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Festivals & Events

Indian Festivals and Events

January –June

Bikaner Camel Festival
Bikaner, India

This Indian festival has colorful camel activities, including a beauty competition, and also dancing, fireworks, and music.


International Kite Festival
Jaipur, India

Pongal (Harvest) Festival
Pongal, India


Republic Day
January 26th

This is India’s Independence Day and there are parade and festivals throughout India.


Desert Festival
Jaisalmer, India

This Indian Festival is a Dance music festival that has camels at it.

Madurai Float Festival
Madurai, India

This is a festival that has temples and spectacular floats on the night of the full moon.


Goa Carnival
Goa, India

This Indian festival is on the beaches of Goa that has Latin, and dance music. It started back in the 1500s when the Portugese Christians ruled the area.


Khajuraho Dance Festival
Khajuraho, India


Holi (Festival of Color)
Jaipur, India

This Hindu festival is the ultimate in colorful festivals, everyone throwing colored water or paint over everyone else.


Mewar Festival
Udaipur, India

This Indian Festival welcomes spring with traditional Rajasthani song and dance, colourful processions and fireworks displays. The festival coincides with Gangaur, which is one Rajasthan's most important celebrations and culminates in a parade of brightly dressed ladies carrying images of the goddess Gauri towards the scenic Lake Pichola



Thrissur Pooram
Thrissur, India

This Indian festival has fireworks, music and decorated elephants. This is arguably India's most spectacular festival.






July – December

Rath Yatra (Chariot Festival)
Puri, India

This Indian festival is in the ancient holy city of Puri in Orissa state. Pilgrims pull 15m high chariots across the city.



Onam Festival
Kerala, India

This Indian festival has boat racing, fancy outfits, processions, and dancing, music.



Ganesh Chaturthi Festival
Maharashtra and Goa, India

This Indian festival is a boisterous celebration for Gansha, the elephant-headed god of wisdom.



Bombay, India

An important Hindu festival notable mainly for public battles between giant paper monsters filled with fireworks.


Jodphur, India

This Indian festival coincides with north India's brightest full moon in the Hindu Vedic Calendar. For five days in October Mehrangarh Fort, which towers 120m over the city of Jodphur, will be taken over by more than 150 musicians.



Mumbai, India

This Indian festival is a great time to see the country at its most jubliant time. This festival starts at the end of the harvest season and its a time for all the people to celebrate.



Festival of Lights
Diwali, India

This traditional Hindu festival is a huge event and its now celebrated around the world

Pushkar Camel Fair
Pushkar, India

A Indian festival where a million camels gather to race, put on fancy kit, change owners in the lakeside town beside the Thar Desert.



Konark Festival
Konark, India

This Indian festival is on the Sun Temple, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the state of Orissa and serves as a backdrop to five days of traditional music and dance.






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