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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong History

Hong Kong was part of the Chinese empire before coming under British administration as a direct result of the 19th-century Opium Wars. The conflict arose from Chinese resistance to allowing their ports to trade in opium produced in British-controlled India.
Hong Kong Island was ceded to Britain in 1842 by the Treaty of Nanking; and the Kowloon Peninsula (south of Boundary Street and Stonecutters Island) in 1860 by the Convention of Peking. The area of Boundary Street to Shenzhen River and a group of 260 islands, now known as the New Territories, were leased to Britain in 1898 for a period of 99 years, which was given back to the Chinese in July 1997.

There was much concern among the citizens of Hong Kong when it was given back to China, as they thought they would loose there freedoms and would be controlled with an iron fist from Beijing. In fact as Hong Kong was the busiest port in Asia, the Chinese didn’t want to do anything to interrupt business. The Chinese government has given the island a large degree of autonomy and it still has many of the same rights it had when the British were in control.

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